There’s no denying that patient hubs are increasingly becoming a vital platform for dialogue between drug companies and patients seeking specific therapies. However, this communication mode has flaws; and improvement is needed to provide direct communication channels between patients and manufacturers. As technology continues to evolve, it’s expected that the adoption of innovative solutions will be a significant trend in the coming year, particularly to address the specific needs of patients.

Recently, Suzette DiMascio, executive vice president of FFF Enterprises/InCircle Review and advisory board member for Zensight, was quoted in an article by Pharmaceutical Executive [] sharing her thoughts on how technology will play a big role in advancing pharma approaches in patient support.

“Manufacturers spend a lot of time mapping the ideal patient experience and always try to create their program to complement that patient journey,” says DiMascio. “Many times, I think they [companies] get swayed by the vendor that gives the best presentation, and choosing the wrong partner can impact particular patient disease journey that they’re trying to assist.”

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